© PLATTERS RESTAURANT Plymouth 2016 “Seafood is Our Speciality”
DAYTIME MENU Served each day from 11:30am to 18:00pm APPETISERS Garlic Bread     £  2.95 Homemade Marinated Olives £  4.95 STARTERS Bouillabaisse     £  5.95 Homemade Fish Soup. Garlic Mushrooms     £  5.95 Perfectly Sautéed in a Garlic Butter Sauce. Old Fashioned Clam Chowder   £  5.95 Homemade with loads of Clams, Onions, diced Potatoes and Crispy Bacon. Fresh Whitebait   £  6.95 Caught Fresh from our Local Waters. Garlic King Prawns   £  6.95 Sautéed in a lovely Garlic Butter Sauce. Crispy Lemon Calamari   £  6.95 Deep fried with Lemon and Fresh Herbs. Prawn Cocktail   £  6.50 Crab Cocktail £  6.50 Prawn & Crab Cocktail £  6.50 Simple Scallops   £  6.95 Sautéed in a Garlic Butter Sauce. Scallop Provencal   £  6.95 Sautéed in a Tomato and Herb Sauce. Moules Mariniere     £  8.95 Fresh Mussels steamed with Garlic, White Wine, Cream and Parsley. CHILDREN’S MENU Egg and Chips £  5.95 Fish and Chips £  5.95 Sausage and Chips £  5.95 Burger In a Bun and Chips £  5.95 SEAFOOD DISHES Deep Fried Scampi £  9.95 Whole tail Dublin Bay Prawns carefully fried in Golden Bread Crumbs. Seafood Paella       £10.95 Traditional mix of Mussels, Calamari & Prawns in a seasoned bed of Rice. Seafood Allo Scoglio       £10.95 Only the best Mussels, Calamari & Prawns tossed in a Fresh Pasta. Homemade Fisherman’s Pie   £10.95 Classic local Fisherman’s Pie served with Garden Fresh Peas. Large Cod, Chips & Peas       £12.95 Prime Cod Fillet cooked to Perfection in our World Famous Crispy Batter. Large Haddock, Chips & Peas   £12.95 Haddock Fillet prepared for the connoisseur in our Impeccable Crispy Batter. King Prawn Tagliatelle       £12.95 King Prawns in a tasty Tomato Sauce with Tagliatelle Pasta. Grilled Gurnard fillets       £12.95 Succulent & sweet tasting. Very underrated, give them a go. You will not regret it! Platters Trio       £15.95 A seasonal selection of three different types of fish, grilled to sublimity. Seabass       £16.95 Grilled seasoned and served with Chips, salad and garnish. SALADS Crab Salad       £12.95 Prawn Salad       £12.95 Crab & Prawn Salad       £12.95 Thai Seafood Salad       £14.95 FROM THE GRILL Lamb Shank             £14.95 Served with New Potatoes & Vegetables. Sirloin Steak       £21.95 Garnished with Chips, Tomato, Mushrooms and British grown Peas. VEGETARIAN DISHES Veggie Pilaf       £  9.95 An assortment of Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and Tomatoes in a Pilaf Rice. Mushroom Stroganoff       £10.95 An old favourite, cooked without the beef and served with a delicate bed of Rice. SIDE DISHES Mushy Peas £  1.95 Garden Peas £  1.95 Potato Chips £  2.95 Mixed Seasonal Vegetables £  2.95 Golden Cornish New Potatoes £  2.95 Green Salad £  5.95 Greek Salad £  6.95